Top 10 Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra : What would you do if you found that you had been included into a book you had written? Even worse, picture yourself as a common observer, a mediocre throng from an unidentified country. One more. The Novel’s Extra, possibly one of the most well-known Korean web novels available, is all about precisely that. If you’re seeking for books that are comparable to The Novel’s Extra, see our list of the Top 10 Web Novels!

Top 10 Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra

1. The Villain Wants to Live

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra
Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra

By a horrible turn of events, Kim Woojin is thrust into the game he was making. However, he has assumed the persona of the game’s iconic adversary, Deculein von Grahan-Yukline, making matters worse. Additionally, he will inherit the villain’s complicated relationships, blood obligations, and terrifying notoriety.

The AAA game of his company’s mid-level boss. Deculein is a bad guy who perishes in 999 of the 1000 games. The main character has now relocated inside of his body!

2. The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

In order to save the helpless Dark Fantasy World, I suppressed my tears and destroyed the planet. I then murdered the Demon King and went back. I’m currently using the “System” I got as a “Regressor’s Privilege” to try to save the planet. However, the Main Heroines have also triggered memories of their own from a prior reality.

3. Trash of the Count’s Family

The primary character of [The Birth of a Hero] was Choi Han, a high school student who was taken to another dimension from Earth. The story chronicled Choi Han’s exploits as well as the creation of the continent’s various heroes. The MC also started to appear in that book as the tr*sh of the Count’s family, which was in charge of the region where the first settlement Choi Han visits was situated.

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra The problem is that Choi Han turns into a psychopath following the murder of everyone in that community. The fact that this stupid tr*sh he has become is ignorant of what occurred in the village and misbehaves toward Choi Han just to be beaten to a pulp is an even bigger problem.

4. My Death Flags Show No Signs of Ending

Hirasawa Kazuki, a regular university student, realized he was in control of the body of a video game character after he regained consciousness.

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra In addition, Harold Stokes, the antagonist of the story, was given the moniker “King of Tr*sh” by the players. He was about to foot on several landmines when he noticed them.

Will Harold be able to go through the death flags while avoiding the numerous obstacles in his path?

5. The Author’s POV

“A protagonist is a character who is the centre of attention, who triumphs over all of his foes, and who ultimately wins the attractive female. The one thing all villains dread is themselves.

How about I?

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra I was a failed novelist who had just one success in his entire career and was resurrected as a mob character in my late work. Even in this existence, I wasn’t the centre of attention. The girls don’t swarm to me in droves. I didn’t realize I would later come to regret saying those things while I was joyful that I didn’t reincarnate as a protagonist because they are calamity magnets…

6. Academy’s Undercover Professor

He wasn’t gifted or gifted when he was born again, but at least he had the information from Earth to keep one step ahead in this other planet.

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra There is magic here, and while science advanced quickly, magic stalled out in the name of tradition. Because he was employing his earthly knowledge and wasn’t constrained by conventional thinking, he was able to accomplish things that other wizards couldn’t even dream of.

However, he had never intended to end up an inadvertent undercover lecturer for a mystery hidden society at the esteemed Sören academy. Will he be able to trick both sides and get out of this jam?

7. The Demon Prince Goes to The Academy

The main character (MC) was a mediocre writer who passed away after reading a defamatory comment on one of his books. He was then transported to hell for a survival test within one of his randomly selected novels. The problem is that this author consistently creates disappointing conclusions, with the exception of one novel, [The Demon King is Dead], a slice-of-life tale in which the Demon King is slain right away. He begs for a way to be transported into this story, and to his amazement, he is placed in the desired tale—but as the Demon King’s Son!

8. Everyone Else is a Returnee

The person who was constantly left behind was Yu Illhan. being excluded from school cliques. not invited to social events. Quite simply, left out. But now he’s actually been abandoned.

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra Yu Illhan is left behind when Earth’s future is in danger, and the rest of the population is sent to other planets.

Now, before it’s too late, Yu Illhan must save the planet!

9. The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Leon, an office worker, is reborn as a particularly cruel dating sim video game in which gorgeous men are the only ones who are allowed to eat at the table and women rule supreme. However, Leon has a secret advantage: he recalls every detail of his prior existence, even playing through the game he is currently entrapped in its entirety. Watch as Leon starts a revolution to transform this brand-new planet so that he can achieve his greatest dream of leading a simple, carefree life in the countryside!

10. How to Survive at the Academy

The problem is that this character has already fallen and been abandoned by his family, therefore the MC ended up transmigrating as a mediocre extra in a game he enjoys. He lacks aspirations. He only wants to finish school and lead a happy, independent life, but the world forbids that.

Best Web Novels Such As The Novels Extra He makes every effort to avoid the major characters, but for some reason, his schemes always seem to go awry, and he now has to figure out how to both survive at the academy and get the tale back on track!

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