10+ Most Horniest Characters in Anime

Arikarikita Arikakiluki, Sunday, April 9, 2023

There is no denying that anime exaggerates emotions. Characters bleeding from the nose when they are horny are an excellent illustration of this. Therefore, we made the decision to compile a list of the 10+ Horniest Anime Characters! (Ask not why)

We certainly won’t be able to cover all of the perverse characters in anime today (which actually says a lot), so for this list, we choose to focus on the 11 most well-known and memorable of the bunch.

Most Horniest Characters in Anime

1. Rudeus Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei

Horniest Characters in Anime
Horniest Characters in Anime

The protagonist of Mushoku Tensei is Rudeus Greyrat. He was a 34-year-old overweight Japanese NEET who was struck by a truck while trying to save some children. He was reincarnated into a different universe. Horniest Characters in Anime The series centres on how he effects his new environment while gradually coming out of his reclusive habits since he realizes that he wasted his former life and wants to live this one to the fullest.

He is careful because of his past life not to become haughty. He is incredibly self-aware and humble as a result of not wanting to go back to his previous self. He is a kind man who stands up for his family and friends when necessary. People hold him in high regard because of his versatility and ability in many areas. Rudeus treats people with great politeness, which frequently makes them uneasy.

Due to his prior life’s principles, he feels unwilling to kill someone. However, he does act violently and with a bloodlust for anyone who poses a threat to his family. Despite the fact that he is very perverted,[9][10] his family and friends like him since he always takes such good care of them. He has a very high magical capacity and a lot of potential in battle, but he frequently lacks the courage to face his adversary.

2. Miia from Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls

The Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill’s placement of Miia with Kurusu marks the first instance of a Lamia (Snake Girl) in this situation. After personally experiencing Kurusu’s benevolence, she has fallen madly in love with him, to the point of practically constantly attempting to seduce him or otherwise enviously desiring his attention. She calls him “Darling” all the time, even while talking about him to other people.

Miia is an extremely lustful exchange student from a race noted for its seductiveness and high sex drive. When Miia first appears, she is described as a happy but clumsy young woman whose apparent disregard for social mores (such as sneaking into Kimihito’s bed and almost strangling him to be warm) is the result of naivete. As the story goes on, Miia comes to light as a cunning and possessive person whose recurrent violations of humanity’s morality are motivated by a single-minded passion to get Kimihito for herself at any cost.

Of all the girls living at Kimihito’s house, Miia is by far the most domineering and irritable. She is quick to criticize the other girls and even Kimihito himself when she believes that her relationship with him is being called into question.

Horniest Characters in Anime She also regularly acts shy and uncomfortable when Kimihito does something inappropriate toward her despite her flirty disposition, before labelling him a pervert or a fool and slapping him with her tail (hypocritically).

3. Eikichi Onizuka from Great Teacher Onizuka

The main character of the Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) series is Eikichi Onizuka. They used to be referred to as the Oni-Baku, the strongest fighting team in Shonan, together with his best friend Ryuji Danma. Having successfully helped a troublesome JK, he made the decision to become a teacher.

In the original manga and anime, Onizuka is a 22-year-old bachelor who teaches at Holy Forest Academy. He teaches the challenging classes of 3–4 in his homeroom. Although he teaches social studies, he is renowned throughout the school for the lessons he imparts to his pupils about life.

Due to his extreme conceit and vulgarity, Onizuka constantly finds himself in problems. He is still a virgin and doesn’t seem to be able to locate a girlfriend despite being extremely hormonal around girls. He is so into gorgeous women that he approaches Ryuji Danma’s girlfriend Nagisa Nagase while his pal is standing behind him.

Horniest Characters in Anime He is commonly referred to as a pervert, and he likes to smell the new underwear in the drawers of young women. Onizuka is also unafraid of his disorderly home and the abundance of pornographic periodicals that are scattered everywhere.

4. Anna Nishikinomia from SHIMONETA

One of the series’ central figures, Anna Nishikinomiya, is Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist.

The president of the student council and a responsible student, Anna. Despite her position, it has been shown that she lacks knowledge about filthy content and is rather ignorant. On the other hand, Tanukichi Okuma makes an effort to gather his “love nectar” after they unintentionally have their first kiss, as is gradually revealed throughout the series.

The series makes it clear that she occasionally becomes fixated on him.

Horniest Characters in Anime She asserts that justice is her driving force and that she is obsessed with love. Ayame speculates that Anna might not be able to tell the difference between love and lust.

5. Darkness from KonoSuba

One of the three main female heroines in the KonoSuba series is Lalatina Ford Dustiness, often known as Darkness. She has joined Kazuma’s party and is a masochistic crusader.

Darkness first oozes pride and dignity in her role as a crusader, teaching about her responsibility to defend people from evil. Horniest Characters in Anime She sounds mature and has a serious tone of voice when she speaks.

Her inner personality is that of a full masochistic pervert, despite these outer appearances. Although she wants to protect others, the majority of her “heroic” acts throughout the series are actually motivated by her masochistic cravings. As a result, many bystanders look up to her for her seeming selflessness.

She gradually opens up about her true motivations throughout the narrative, to the point when she candidly acknowledges that the Demon King’s sexual torture was the reason she joined the crusade and that her ideal partner would be an abusive alcoholic who would make her sell her body for cash.

6. Every Freaking Character in Prison School

The five lads go out on a dangerous mission to spy on numerous girls while they take a bath because they are worried by the absence of female contact in their group. But after a string of accidents, their plan ultimately fails, revealing the guys’ deeds to the whole school.

Hachimitsu Private Academy, a prestigious all-girls high school, welcomes male pupils for the first time in its long history. The five enrolling men, however, are a merry bunch of perverts who are unable to interact with women. This collection of misfits includes Shingo, the foreign delinquent, odd and ill “Jo,” overweight “Andrei,” intellectual “Gakuto,” and Kiyoshi, the most normal of the bunch.

The five lads go out on a dangerous mission to spy on numerous girls while they take a bath because they are worried by the absence of female contact in their group. Horniest Characters in Anime But after a string of accidents, their plan ultimately fails, revealing the guys’ deeds to the whole school.

The boys receive a month in jail as punishment from the frightening Underground Student Council. The council’s unforgiving beauties are unaware that the lads’ bizarre and perverse behaviour will only get worse.

I’m telling you, Prison School is a f*cking shit show.

7. The Cast of Interspecies Reviewers

There are many diverse races in the globe, from cheery fairies to oozing slimes. Of course, with such a varied assortment of species, there are many alluring brothels. It’s challenging to decide which succu-girl to interact meaningfully and personally with when there are so many alternatives.

Fortunately, a tiny group of courageous soldiers have united to inform the public. Horniest Characters in Anime These depraved explorers evaluate the appeal of numerous varieties of succu-girls through practical investigation. Whether it’s the udderly hu-mo-ngous cow-girls or the scorchingly hot salamanders, the Yoruno Gloss critics don’t spare any species.

8. Nayuta Kani from A Sister’s All You Need

Author Nayuta Kani (Kazuko Hashima) falls head over heels for Itsuki Hashima. After receiving a medal for the best beginner and overcoming verbal and physical abuse, she made her literary debut. She immediately lost confidence in her academic abilities, and her social life ceased. She withdrew from school and barricaded herself in her room.

She started reading books and novels to escape reality while she was cut off from life, which is how she learned about Itsuki’s works. This sparked her interest in narrative, and Itsuki’s books had a big impact on her. She followed in his footsteps and is now establishing a name for herself in the light novel industry, creating her own works and even winning honours.

Nayuta is a good girl, as shown by the fact that she surprised Miyako for her birthday and thought carefully about what to get her before deciding to give her a well-written fairy tale-like novel about her crush Itsuki. She is also incredibly protective of Miyako, as shown by the fact that she stood up for Miyako even though she had lied about having been in several relationships.

As shown by her jealously of Itsuki’s blossoming bond with his new illustrator, Kaiko, Nayuta is prone to envy. Her pals are accustomed to her extreme perversion and frequent use of sexual innuendo. Despite her propensity for humor, she has a serious side when necessary, as evidenced by the time she addressed Miyako about her emotions for Itsuki.

9. Alexander Nikolaevich Hell from Quaser of Stigmata

The star of the manga and anime series Seikon no Qwaser is Sasha, aka Alexander Nikolaevich Hell. He resides with Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe as the Qwaser of Iron.

Despite his external traits of rudeness and stubbornness, Sasha actually has a kind heart that he keeps hidden from everyone. When he does care about someone, he just wants to save them or revive himself by drinking their soma (breast milk). He doesn’t appear to care about anyone else.

10. Issei from Highschool DxD

Issei Hyoudou, the primary male character of High School DxD, is our first introduction. He is a third-year Kuoh Academy Class 3-B student and a member of the group known as the “Perverted Trio,” which is made up of three of the school’s most obscenely inclined males.

He belongs to the Pawn of Rias Gremory’s Peerage and the Occult Research Club. He was elevated to the status of High-Class Devil following the Evil Dragon War, becoming the King of his own autonomous peerage and one step closer to accomplishing his desire of having a harem and rising to the position of… “Harem King,” really…

Issei is also revealed to be noticeably stupid, to have a perverse disposition, to constantly have lewd thoughts, to be completely enamoured with women’s breasts, and to have his own harem. Due of this, he was promptly identified by the female students of Kuoh Academy as a pervert, garnering him reputation as a member of the Perverted Trio.

Oh, that was… a lot to process… Anyway, thanks for getting this far; please let us know in the comments who is your favourite perverse figure of all time!

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