TOP Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels

Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels : We can help if you’re looking for some fresh web novels to read.
In recent years, translated works of Korean literature have given us some real treasures. In this situation, web novels and manhwas are included. I’m a major lover of Korean web novels personally. Even if Japanese Web Novels are nothing to laugh at, there is something unique about Korean Web Novels that makes them truly exceptional.

Here are the Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels that you Should Definitely Try Out since I’m always seeking for new Web Novels to read! (Since they are all accurately translated, you need not worry about that portion.)

TOP Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels

1. The Main Heroines Are Trying To Kill Me

Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels
Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels

I suppressed my emotions and demolished the doomed Dark Fantasy World, killed the Demon King, and then went back.

Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels I’m currently attempting to save the world by using the “System” I acquired as a “Regressor’s Privilege.” However, the Main Heroines have also triggered memories of their own from a prior reality.

God forbid.

Frey Raon Starlight serves as the book’s main protagonist. This protagonist is a direct descendant of the First Hero, a “deceased” (hardcore gamer) who died in the universe the MC inhabits 1000 years ago after falling into a game called [Dark Tale Fantasy].

2. Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint

The book’s main character has the ability to read minds and can comprehend what others are thinking. The identity of the main character (MC) isn’t disclosed until about chapter 100, but you can image him because of the way he acts. This book’s distinctive feature is that it depicts the dystopian world through the eyes of the main character. So, Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint is the title.

Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels The book Omniscient First Person View is a book of knowledge. Reviewers assert that the author may genuinely be a Regressor because it is astonishing that he has this many insights into so many different subjects while still only an undergraduate. Although there is a harem tag, the romance is minimal and is at best a subgenre.

As it tends to focus more on friendship and ways that they could stop the awful future. The primary attraction of the book is in the main protagonist’s ability to read minds. He finished fourth in the MC pole of the year, trailing only Frey Raon Starlight and Ferzen Von Schweig.

3. How To Survive At The Academy

This book has a terrific plot, by the way. The primary plot has been told before. It’s similar to scones at this point; some people like them, other people don’t, but what stands out is the author’s cleverly planned turn of events, which perfectly illustrates the butterfly effect.

Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels Ed, the main protagonist, tries to follow the original plot but is consistently forced into new unanticipated situations that are convincingly caused by his actions. Ed is compelled into this gaming world for unknown reasons. Those unexpected events, which, despite going against Ed’s assumptions, are quite believable, give the cosmos a very organic sense.

4. Love Letter From The Future

Our primary character in this book, Ian Percus, is the one who relates his narrative. The family of a rural writer, the Percus, has a second son named Ian. When he awakens from a bizarre dream and discovers a love letter… from the future, his life is abruptly changed. A world that will end in the future, filled solely with suffering and regret.

He receives messages from former loves in the far future. a potentially dangerous future. Based on the cues in those letters, he sets out to save the world.

5. Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World

Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels Although it is an isekai story, the main character is not immediately in control. The character development is strong, and the main character is likeable. And indeed, a harem it is.
The MC starts off as a s*ave in another reality where, to put it mildly, his life was appalling. He wasn’t even able to feed himself. Before, a random hot girl he met on the street had forcibly transported him to another planet. The novel has R-18 sequences, however they take time to read, therefore patience is needed.

6. Why Did I Have To Enroll

Ban Yu-won’s honourable grandpa informed him that their ancestors constructed the biblical structure known as the Tower of Babel when he was a child, which was the first time Ban Yu-won had heard of it. Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels “People are misinformed; the Tower of Babel was completed without collapsing.” What he said was that.

He argued against it, calling it foolish, yet… He receives a letter inviting him to enroll at a renowned interdimensional university. a status window…

7. I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga

Best New Ongoing Korean Web Novels More than 10 million copies of the popular Japanese love comedy manga “Scramble Love” have been sold. A manga I had never seen before overcame me. Or, to be more specific, I lost my prominence and became a sidekick.

The plot, as one might anticipate from a comedy, is embarrassing. The plot is wonderful but foolish, and it is romantic yet dull. It’s extremely intriguing and engaging despite the poor jokes. Fans of the Jojo series will recognize the absurd circumstances in each scene, lol.

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