10 Best Manhwa on Asura Scans

Best Manhwa on Asura Scans : If you don’t already know, Manhwa and Webtoons are essentially just other names for Korean comics, which have, incidentally, skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. And anime studios have finally begun to take notice of them; in 2023, both Lookism and the wildly popular power fantasy “Solo Leveling,” which even your mother has heard of, will get anime adaptations.

These Korean Manhwas/Webtoons are translated into English and Turkish on the website Asura Scans by professional translators. They rank among the most well-known translators of manhwa.

Here is a list of the top 10 manga and webcomics available on Asura Scans.

10 Best Manhwa on Asura Scans

1. Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Best Manhwa on Asura Scans
Best Manhwa on Asura Scans

Chun Ma, the world destroyer and destabilizer, was defeated by Chung Myung, the 13th Disciple of the Mount Hua Sect and one of the three Great Swordsmen. After the struggle, he passes away atop the mountain that serves as the Heavenly Demon Sect’s stronghold. He is reborn in a child’s body after 100 years. …What? The Mount Hua Sect has it collapsed? What kind of absurdity is that?

The storyline is a standard one—an overpowering guy dies and is reborn as a child—but it’s done incredibly effectively. The goal of our main guy is to revive and perfect his previous cult. a clear objective for the tale to strive for. Although the plot is foreshadowed,

2. Damn Reincarnation

Hamel was a warrior who, along with his companions, set out on a mission to eradicate the Demons. Sadly, he passed away soon before the conflict with the most powerful Demon Kings started. But all of a sudden he found himself resurrected as a warrior descended from Vermouth, the most powerful hero and his fellow combatant.

He awakens in a future in which demons and humans live. He is an unidentified reincarnation. in a strange new world where everything is unsettling. As Eugene Lionheart, Hamel begins his voyage in this new planet.

Recently published, this manhwa has since grown to be one of my all-time favourites. The characters are incredibly cool, the art is great, and the tale is enjoyable despite its obvious cliches. I would highly suggest reading it.

3. Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God (Doom Breaker)

A fantasy time-travel action story highlighting the best of humanity. I’ll kill them because they want to die, even if the filthy gods gave me this opportunity, an opportunity is still an opportunity. The sole survivor of humanity is Zephyr. The gods gave him the chance to go back in time by ten years after he lost the battle with the demons. The gods treated humanity as mere spectators while the demons stole everything from them. This time, I’m going to tear them apart.

Although the premise has been used before, that does not make the book any less worthwhile to read. This manhwa’s artwork is outstanding. And in my opinion, having excellent art alone makes any manhwa worthwhile to read.

4. Player Who Can’t Level Up

When Kim Gigyu was 18 years old, he became a player. He believed that by ascending “the tower” and closing “the gates,” his life was headed in the right direction. But he remained level 1 even after finishing the lesson. He was still level 1, yet he killed a goblin every day. Despite being level 1 for five years, he is still. Nobody imagined that a player would be unable to go past level 1.

However, everything changes when he successfully completes the challenge on the fifth floor thanks to an unexpected turn of events. (something he could have never imagined).

The main character in Player Who Can’t Level Up is fantastic, and the story, artwork, and supporting cast are all fascinating. I, for one, really

5. Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

They are described as “calamities” by humans and are thought to be alien, destructive beings that suddenly appeared on Earth. The 12 saints were awakened by the zodiac gods to stop these catastrophes. However, Geon Lee, the unidentified but supreme hero of all, was the next to awaken. He was deceived by his allies, who also left him for dead, but now he’s stronger than ever and prepared to give his fellow “saints” a lesson they won’t soon forget.

The artwork, the main character, the combat scenes, and the amazing/adorable secondary characters are all excellent in Return of the Disaster-Class Hero. of the greatest I’ve ever read.

6. Reaper of the Drifting Moon

Murim manhwa Reaper of the Drifting Moon. It has a strong main character, amazing artwork, a solid plot, and excellent supporting cast. I won’t say much more about it other than to suggest that you must read it because it is excellent.

7. Solo Max-Level Newbie

The only person that observed the conclusion of the game Tower of Trials was Jinhyuk, a gaming Nutuber. He found it challenging to continue supporting himself as a gaming Nutuber after the game’s popularity dropped.

He was about to stop playing the game because he had already seen how it ended. But on that day, [Tower of Trials] actually materialized, and Jinhyuk, who was familiar with every aspect of the game, quickly seized control.

The story’s premise seems a lot like Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, but trust me, it’s still worth reading, just like everything else on this list. Additionally, Solo-Max Level Newbie is trending on Asura Scans at the time I’m writing this.

8. The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing

The coin market that is larger than expected, The Dimensional Trading Center has been completely upended by a newcomer! All traders’ enemy Erun Steelguard. after losing all of his riches through dimensional trading and passing away tragically, is actually experiencing his second life.

Being quite honest, I have no idea about this. Although I haven’t personally read it yet, the reviews are excellent, and Asura Scans has it at number 6 in terms of popularity.

9. Doctor’s Rebirth

Our MC had been volunteering in medicine abroad when he was unexpectedly drawn into a civil war. He was slain by a rebel soldier after being shot while attempting to defend a patient. However, when he finally opened his eyes, he discovered that he had become a youngster and was in a setting that resembled a Murim universe.

To be more specific, he discovers himself in front of a wrecked carriage and some curiously attired individuals who were all unconscious. He immediately administered first aid to everyone in an effort to save even one person, and that’s when he recognized he was in the setting of [The Supreme Demon King], a Murim book he liked to read.

He discovered that one of the persons he saved was really the book’s main character, the future Demon King Yeoharyun, after meeting the rescue squad of the “Three Great Doctors”!

He became the future Demon King’s sworn brother in exchange for saving his life, and one of this world’s most intelligent individuals, Baekrineuison, saw potential in him and accepted him as a disciple. This is the account of how he rose to become Gangho’s top doctor.

I’ve only read the first 4-5 chapters of this manhwa so far, but I’m liking it. (I really like the art style). Additionally, it has a popularity score of 10, according to Asura Scans.

10. Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble

A young man named Airen Parreira uses sleep as an escape from reality. He was ridiculed and called a “deadbeat,” but he was unwilling to alter. He had a desire of becoming a swordsman up until one day. It was a dream about an untalented man who had trained for years by unceasingly swinging his sword in all situations.

I really like the visual style, and it has a really wonderful tale, a great main character, and likeable secondary characters. Just two days ago, a brand-new chapter was published, and it was fantastic!

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