[Updated] Yoshis Story Nintendo 64 ROM Download

Yoshis Story Nintendo 64 ROM : Pokémon community has updated new version of Yoshis Story Nintendo 64 ROM  with lots of fun and improvement based on players experience. If you are fan of pokemon roms and games like me then you will enjoyed this rom because I do a lot. In Yoshis Story Nintendo 64 ROM new version developer add some new character with some adventure stories. For more details read out below roms description.

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Roms Information

  • Full Name : Yoshis Story Nintendo 64 ROM
  • Console : Nitendo 64 Rom
  • Genre : Role-Playing
  • Region : US, WW, EU
  • Released : 1997
  • Language : English

Description of Yoshis Story Nintendo 64 ROM

The adorable dinosaur Yoshi can now shine in his own game called Yoshi’s Story. This is the first version, apart from the Yoshi’s Island series, to feature Yoshi as the main character. Yoshi’s Story is a platform game for the Nintendo 64, developed and published by Nintendo EAD and Nintendo respectively. Then, it was not until 2007 that this version was officially introduced on Virtual Console devices.

The setting of this story still takes place on Yoshi Island. In particular, the Yoshis family lives very peacefully and happily thanks to the energy of the Super Happiness Tree. However, this harmony ended when Baby Bowser discovered this beautiful energy. Out of jealousy, Baby Bowser stole the magic tree and turned the whole island into a pop-up book. The little eggs hatch out cute Yoshis. After learning what the island has been through, they set out to find the Super Happy Tree, through a six-page journey. If you already know the name “Super Mario World 2:
Yoshi’s Island”, this game has a familiar gameplay. If you don’t already know, don’t stop at this point.

The game has two main modes, story mode and trial mode. At the start of each game, the player will have to choose a course, Lucky Fruit and Yoshi of the color they want to play after choosing the mode. For the demo mode, the player cannot choose a course, it will depend on unlocking it in story mode. However, regardless of the mode, the goal will be to collect 30 fruits to fill the Fruit Frame. These fruits can be anywhere, in the sky, on the ground, in the bubble or even on the opponent’s body.

If the player has a game strategy, like collecting the fruits in a row or searching for their favorite Fruit, Lucky Fruit, then they will definitely get a higher bonus score. Moreover, the game also contains many different secrets waiting for you to discover. The harder it is to find, the points won’t be as low in return. The story mode, as mentioned, will include six pages of books for players to make their way through. However, the first four pages will be available, while the next two may have to wait for players to unlock to conquer. The page order of the book will be Start, Cave, Peak, Jungle, Ocean, and End.



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I would like to give thanks to pokecommunity for this roms and developer who create game to make this superb ROM.

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