Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime?

Arikarikita Arikakiluki, Monday, April 10, 2023

In order to be clear before I start, yes, this piece was inspired by the most recent video from Gigguk.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get to the heart of the matter: Is the manga genuinely superior to the anime? In most circumstances, the short response is yes. The short answer is that it’s not that easy, and here’s why.

Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime This question’s response mostly depends on personal preference. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages between manga and anime that appeal to certain audiences.

Examining “why the manga is better than the anime” and “why the anime is better than the manga” will help.

Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime?

Why Manga Is Better Than Anime

Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime
Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime

The plot is examined in more depth and complexity in manga. It can offer a deeper understanding of the plot and more character development. Additionally, there are more genres and artistic styles available in manga, making it easy to discover something to suit practically any preference.

Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime For a variety of reasons, manga is superior to anime. Compared to the brief duration of an anime, manga delivers a far more extensive and complex tale and character development.

Manga enables readers to become completely absorbed in the narrative and develop a far deeper grasp of the characters and storyline. Manga often features more complex artwork and visuals, which can aid in bringing the story to life.

Lastly, a manga may be read considerably more quickly than a book.

Why Anime is Better Than Manga

Conversely, anime provides a more aesthetically appealing experience and can enhance the emotional effect of the story through its animation and soundtrack. It can also be a terrific method to introduce people to the world of manga.

Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime Because it gives a more immersive experience, anime is superior to manga. Anime’s more dynamic graphics are able to communicate feelings and emotions more effectively than with words. Additionally, it features a ton of sound effects and voice acting, which can draw viewers in and help them feel more invested in the narrative.

Finally, anime has the ability to convey stories in a more effective and understandable manner, particularly when it comes to fight sequences because the animation can portray many scenes


It is ultimately up to the person to select their preferred medium. There are many benefits to both manga and anime, and there is frequently no right or wrong response. However, it doesn’t follow that this is always the case.

Is The Manga Actually Better Than The Anime For instance, I believe we can all agree that the animation for the series Tokyo Ghoul, Berserk, Black Clover, and One Punch Man is significantly inferior to the corresponding manga. However, the anime adaptations of Jujutsu Kaisen, Spy x Family, and Mushoku Tensei are far superior to their manga counterparts.

Please share with us your preferred method of watching your favourite series in the comments section below.

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