Top Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain

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Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain : Some people prefer Manhwa with an Overpowered MC, others prefer them with an MC who is weak but becomes the strongest through his sweat and tears, and yet others prefer them with an Anti-Hero or badass MC. The Top 10 Manhwa Where the MC Is a Villain will be the topic of today’s discussion.

This list is ideal for you if you fall into the third category.

Top Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain

1. Reverse Villain

Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain
Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain

Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain Our MC, Jung-woo, continued his conquest of Murim after making an earlier effort. Due to Shin-Ryong, who is also caught in a reincarnation cycle with him, he is unable to defeat Murim. Even the fifth effort is unsuccessful, and he is reborn into the present. Jung’s dreams and woos are changed by his rebirth in the contemporary era. He seeks a formidable foe, yet most find him to be beyond their reach. This is the tale of a steadfast bond that has endured for a lifetime and how one man escapes a repetitive task.

2. Villain to Kill

To battle the real evil, you must transform into the bigger evil. After being wrongly accused of killing a fellow soldier, our MC, Cassian, is slain. Just as he believed all was over, a little boy’s body receives his spirit. Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain A well-known, elite Psyker (hero with extraordinary skills) who was everyone’s envy quickly turns into a villain!

3. Kill the Hero

in a setting resembling a video game with players, monsters, and dungeons. The tale of Kim Woo-Jin’s retaliation against his former guildmates is presented here. His closest and most loyal buddy turned on him and killed him. After travelling back in time, Kim Woo-Jin makes the decision to wreak revenge on them.

4. Reincarnated Into A Warlock 66,666 Years Later

The most potent warlock—Diablo Volfir, who is currently Earl Welton’s eldest son—was imprisoned by all twelve gods for ages in a state of uncertainty. But after 66,666 years, he was freed and came back to Earth! I’m free, he exclaims.

Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain There have been many manhwas recently where the main character has been resurrected after thousands of years, but this one sticks out among the others.

5. The Descent of the Demonic Master

During his first life. After a horrible catastrophe in which he loses his family and legs, he kills himself. He became well-known in Zhongyuan as the Red Demonic Master in the second, but the person he trusted the most betrayed him. He is currently living his third life. When Gang Jinho returns to the contemporary world, he makes the decision to lead a normal life. But he was too used to Zhongyuan life to change into a regular person! “I wanted to live in tranquilly.”

Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain But you were the one to initiate it. I hope you’re prepared. In spite of the dangers posed by his red demonic mastery, can Gang Jinho control his urges and lead the “normal life” he so desperately wants?

6. Trash of the Count’s Family

In the book “The Birth of a Hero: Cale Henituse,” our main character, Kim Rok Soo, finds himself inhabiting the body of a minor antagonist after awakening in a distant planet. His actions lead the original plot to fall apart, and he finds himself thrust into the middle of numerous international wars while he attempts to avoid being beaten up like in the original novel.

Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain Cale applies the knowledge he got from reading The Birth of a Hero by combining future components and unearthing a cunning narrative that links everything in a mythical universe with elements like magic and dragons.

7. Regressor Instruction Manual

Will you take part in the game? Giyoung is forced into a contest for survival. He has the lowest stats of any player, in addition to everything else. He does, however, possess one benefit: the capacity to read the status of other players! He is given the chance of a lifetime when he learns that Hyunsung is a returnee to our realm. Giyoung just needs to stick close to Hyunsung and finish this tutorial by playing.

Best Manhwa Where The MC Is A Villain Our MC is a cunning con man who uses agitation and deception to further his personal agendas while also manipulating both friends and foes. You must give this one a read since you’re sure to enjoy it.

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That’s all there is to it. 7 of the greatest manhwas featuring an MC who is both a badass and a villain! We are aware that there are many more manhwas that match the bill but didn’t make our list; nevertheless, those are for another time.

If another manhwa deserves to be included on this list in the interim, please mention it in the comments section below so that those who are looking for more of them can benefit.

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