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Drill Dozer GBA : pokemon community has updated new version of Drill Dozer GBA with lots of fun and improvement based on playsers experience. If you are fan of pokemon roms and games like me then you will enjoyed this rom because I do a lot. In Drill Dozer GBA new version developer add some new character with some adventure stories. For more details read out below roms description.

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Roms Information

  • Full Name : Drill Dozer GBA ROM
  • Console : GBA
  • GenreArcade
  • Region : US, WW, EU
  • Released : 2006
  • Language : English

Description of Drill Dozer GBA

Jill is the daughter of a Red Dozer gang boss. Her mother died when she was very young, and the only thing that reminds her of her is the red diamond held by Father Doug. On one occasion it was ambushed and robbed by a rival Skullkers gang. Jill felt angry and decided to go get the relic himself,

but was stopped because Father Doug didn’t want to cause a big fight. Not giving up on this thought, she stole the gang’s traditional drill and planned to infiltrate the Skullkers alone, unaware of the dangers that awaited.
Jill is not a superhero with magical powers, but just a sweet girl. Thanks to the Dozer drill, she was able to overcome the difficulties. It acts as a weapon, which can be used to defeat enemies that appear along the way.

However, the gadget is much more than that, being able to pierce walls, wooden crates and many obstacles in the way. However, there are solid metal blocks built by Skullkers that cannot be chiseled. In this case, there are two answers, either jump over to find another path, or improve the exercise to get stronger. The first option is probably better because the system does not provide the currency and resources for the upgrade. You will have to run through levels, complete missions manually or rob enemy gangs. The plot is divided into six main levels to explore. Correspondingly, the platform is built in six different areas, including buildings, dungeons, and some underground activities. Lurking inside are gangsters that you must defeat to find the key to the sequel.

Health and time are two important factors you need to focus on. Drill Dozer’s health or durability will be replenished at the start of the game, but during battle it will tend to decrease every time it takes damage.

It can also be repaired with some rescue items and has multiple layers of armor thanks to its blue diamond ability. The more support a player gets, the harder it is. Some bosses and fighters are added, but if you can take advantage of your opponent’s weakness, you can win faster before time runs out. For machines, unscrew a few screws! For boss/monster, make attacks from behind. These are probably the best solutions I can offer you at the moment.


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Credits : ?? (rh 16515) I would like to give thanks to pokecommunity for this roms and developer who create game to make this suberb ROM.

Source : PokeCommunity Drill Dozer GBA

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