[Updated] Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM : pokemon community has updated new version of Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM with lots of fun and improvement based on playsers experience. If you are fan of pokemon roms and games like me then you will enjoyed this rom because I do a lot. In Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM new version developer add some new character with some adventure stories. For more details read out below roms description.

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Roms Information

  • Full Name : Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM Hack
  • Version : v1.5
  • Console : GBA
  • Genre : Role-Playing
  • Region : WW
  • Released : October 17, 2022
  • Language : English

Description of Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM

The goal of this ROM hack is to retain the essence of the original game while allowing you to catch all the Pokemon you intend to catch in Fire Red/Leaf Green. All Pokémon can be found where they normally are, eliminating the need to consult a README file to locate them.

This hack is not for you if you want to catch all 386 Pokemon. If you want to be able to catch all Pokemon in Fire Red, regardless of version exclusivity or commercial requirements, then this hack is for you!


Features of Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM

1. Fire Red/Leaf Green exclusives present in all areas

  • For example: in Fire Red, Ekans is present in route 4. In Leaf Green, Sandshrew is present in route 4. In Fire Red Essence, Both Ekans and Sandshrew are present in route 4. This is true for every area in the game.

2. Pokémon that normally evolve by trading now evolve at level 37

  • For example: Graveler, Machoke, Haunter, and Kadabra.

3. NPCs on Six Island will give you the fossil and fighting Pokémon you did not pick

  • If you chose Omanyte, an NPC will give you Kabuto, and vice versa. If you chose Hitmonlee, an NPC will give you Hitmonchan, and vice versa.

4. Pinsir is now available as a prize at the game corner

  • Pinsir was available in Leaf Green, so it’s only fair that he is available in this hack too. A level 25 Pinsir is available for 5,500 coins. This option replaces Clefairy as a prize Pokémon.

5. The starters you did not pick can be found in Rocket Warehouse

  • There will be two Pokéballs in the final room of Rocket Warehouse on Five Island containing the two starter Pokémon you did not pick.

6. An NPC on Seven Island will reward you for completing the Kanto Dex

  • If you complete the Kanto Dex and receive your Diploma from Celadon City, you will receive Mew as a reward.





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Source : PokeCommunity Pokemon Fire Red Essence GBA ROM

Credits : GCass I would like to give thanks to pokecommunity for this roms and developer who create game to make this suberb ROM.

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