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Donkey Kong Country GBA : pokemon community has updated new version of Donkey Kong Country GBA with lots of fun and improvement based on playsers experience. If you are fan of pokemon roms and games like me then you will enjoyed this rom because I do a lot. In Donkey Kong Country GBA new version developer add some new character with some adventure stories. For more details read out below roms description.

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Roms Information

  • Full Name : Donkey Kong Country GBA ROM
  • Console : GBA
  • Genre : Platformer
  • Region : US, WW, EU
  • Released : here
  • Language : English

Description of Donkey Kong Country GBA

Bananas have always been a source of nutritious food for the Kong people. During the formation of young children on the island, this provides a lot of energy. Bananas are long-lasting fruits and rarely get cold, so the Kong people have to stock up on a large number of bananas before winter. One stormy night, everyone took a break from practice to go home to rest.

Donkey Kong assigned Diddy Kong the task of guarding the warehouse as well as patrolling the island to make sure the race members had a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the Kremlings brought their accomplices, stole all the bananas, and then locked Diddy Kong in a crate. The next morning, Donkey Kong turned around and spotted him. He immediately sets out to find Kremlings, based on the bananas he dropped while running.

Donkey Kong Country organizes the game by levels. In each level, several previous levels must be completed before the final villain, the Kremlings, is found. Initially, the player will play the role of Donkey Kong and then control him to collect bananas. But then, some crates may appear along the way. By breaking them, Diddy Kong may appear and accompany you on the difficult road ahead. If either Kong is injured, he will temporarily disappear from the screen to rest, while the other Kong will take his place.

If both Kongs are injured and unable to move, the player will lose one life point while one Kong will be revived. When the life score is 0, the player must start a new game from the beginning. Sometimes some mysterious crates also contain DK Barrel. This item has the same effect as “1-Up” in the “Super Mario Advanced” series, as an additional hit.

In general, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong have the same basic skills: jumping, rolling, climbing and swimming. These skills are often used to move over rough terrain or jump on enemies to defeat them. However, this is only really useful against weaker and smaller enemies like fallen animals, bees, or snakes. The reason is that their damage level is quite low, not even really dangerous. Therefore, using any Kong can be bypassed.

However, for stronger enemies like Krushas and Klumps, you need to use special abilities to defeat them. Donkey Kong has a strong fighting ability when he has the Hand Slap skill. It is a special move, it will move to the ground and attack the enemy at the same time. Meanwhile, Diddy Kong is more agile, so the defense will be better. Proof of this, the player can see, is that when lifting the crate, Donkey Kong will raise the crate above his head, making his body easier to attack while Diddy Kong is wiser when placing the crate chest box.
Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong’s banana collecting trip will be a lot

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Credits : here (rh 33079) I would like to give thanks to pokecommunity for this roms and developer who create game to make this suberb ROM.

Source : PokeCommunity Donkey Kong Country GBA

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