[Updated] Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA ROM Download

Donkey Kong Country 2 : pokemon community has updated new version of Donkey Kong Country 2 with lots of fun and improvement based on playsers experience. If you are fan of pokemon roms and games like me then you will enjoyed this rom because I do a lot. In Donkey Kong Country 2 new version developer add some new character with some adventure stories. For more details read out below roms description.

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Roms Information

  • Full Name : Donkey Kong Country 2 ROM
  • Console : GBA
  • Genre : Adventure
  • Region : US, WW, EU
  • Released : here
  • Language : English

Description of Donkey Kong Country 2

Kaptain K. Rool once cooperated with the Kremling to rob the entire banana warehouse on Donkey Kong Island. But their plan completely failed, and as a result they were defeated. The growing hatred causes them once again to return for revenge. One night, when Donkey Kong was sitting on the shore enjoying the atmosphere, suddenly Kaptain K. Rool appears and kidnaps him. The next morning, Diddy and Dixie Kong realized the incident after finding the footprints left by the enemy, with the message: “Let’s exchange bananas for the safety of friends”. Angered by this action, Diddy and Dixie decide to go on a journey to rescue the leader of the island and defeat the enemy, once and for all.

The story of Donkey Kong Country 2 takes place in 8 worlds, with 52 levels that the player must pass to save his friend – Donkey Kong. Along the way, many obstacles and dangerous creatures such as bees, mice, vultures or some aquatic species such as piranhas or stingrays will appear and attack Diddy and Dixie. Use character skills like jumping on enemies to defeat them or picking up crates to throw damage at them. In addition, each character will also have other special abilities to exploit. Diddy is agile, so he has the advantage of moving and attacking quickly. During this time, Dixie can jump higher and use her hair to stick to surfaces or fly for short periods of time.

At the intersection of the two worlds, a boss will appear. If defeated, the player will be transferred to the next world, otherwise, if failed, the player will have life points deducted and return to the last checkpoint to continue playing. In the event that a teammate is destroyed, they can be revived when the other teammate collects crates.

In general, the difficulty of the game has been pushed higher than in previous versions. The developer has also added new supports, and notably the “Animal Friends” feature. There are eight animals in total, with useful abilities. With Rambi, he seems to be a character in an “immortal” state where all damage does not affect him but all enemies will be defeated, easily. Meanwhile, Squawks can fly in the air and Enguarde can eat all kinds of creatures that live in the water. However, Animal Friends is only available for a short time, from 30 seconds to 1 minute, and players need to collect a special box to receive random items.


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Credits : Nintendo (rh 23140) I would like to give thanks to pokecommunity for this roms and developer who create game to make this suberb ROM.

Source : PokeCommunity Donkey Kong Country 2

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