10 Best But Terrifying Anime You Should Watch

Best But Terrifying Anime You Should Watch : An anime is frequently not what it seems. At first sight, it might appear to be the most morally upright anime you’ve ever seen, yet it ends up being the messiest anime ever. Ten of these anime will be listed in this article.

Here are 10 Anime That Are Cute But Terrifying That You Must Watch!

10 Best But Terrifying Anime You Should Watch

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

When Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki first encounter Kyuubey, a magical familiar that resembles a cat, and Homura Akemi, a new transfer student, they are just two regular middle school girls going about their daily lives.

Kyuubey makes them an offer: in exchange for becoming magical females with the strength to achieve their goals, he will grant any of their requests. They are advised not to take the offer by Homura Akemi, a magical girl herself, who claims that not everything is as it seems.

Madoka Mahou Shoujo Magica tackles the challenges of being a magical girl and the price one must pay to realize a dream in a tale of hope, sorrow, and friendship.

2. School-Live!

Junior high school student Yuki Takeya, who is carefree, eagerly anticipates each day at the School Living Club. The club takes pride in making the most of school life and is made up of the president Yuuri Wakasa, the active Kurumi Ebisuzawa, the wise Miki Naoki, the leading teacher Megumi Sakura, and the club dog Taroumaru. All club members must adhere to a single rule: they must live their whole lives on school property.

Gakkougurashi! chronicles the exploits of the School Living Club as they encourage autonomy and self-reliance throughout their exciting time at Megurigaoka Private High School.

3. Made in Abyss

The Abyss is a vast pit that stretches deep within the earth and is home to strange creatures and ancient artifacts. How did it take place? What is the bottommost thing? Divers are the brave people who have bravely descended into the Abyss’s lowest depths in an effort to discover its secrets. The White Whistles, the best and bravest of the Divers, are revered by those who stay on the surface.

Riko, the daughter of White Whistle Lyza the Annihilator, who is presumed dead, longs to descend into the Abyss like her mother. She is only permitted to investigate the top layer of the Red Whistle as she is a fresh Red Whistle. In spite of this, Riko accidentally bumps upon a mysterious robot disguised as a small kid.

4. Fractale

The world of Fractale is one in which laws are blindly upheld and life is pleasant so long as religion is given priority over all else and daily prayers are offered.

The enigmatic girl visits Clain, the main character, and when she departs, she leaves behind Nessa, who is just as mysterious.

Best But Terrifying Anime You Should Watch The primary antagonists in this anime are a bunch of dimwits who have ridiculous ideas to capture Nessa.

Then, the anime really picks up. It contains everything: conflict, dishonesty, death, bloodshed, and extortion.

5. Perfect Blue

But after she leaves the gang, Mima’s life starts to drastically alter. In order to shed her pop-idol image, she accepts a position in a criminal drama series. As a result, her acting career steadily becomes increasingly demanding and exhausting for both Mima and Rumi Hidaka, her manager. An obsessed admirer who is unable to understand that Mima is no longer a helpless idol starts pursuing her, a new anonymous website starts painstakingly impersonating her life, and CHAM! seems to be thriving better without her, all of which serve to heighten Mima’s growing discomfort. Mima becomes more insane and unable to discern between reality and fantasy with each unsettling development.

6. Wonder Egg Priority

After Koito Nagase, Ai Ooto’s best friend and only friend, commits suicide, Ai Ooto is left to deal with her new reality. She is convinced to purchase an egg, especially a Wonder Egg, after being instructed to do so by an unidentified entity because she has nothing else to live for.

Best But Terrifying Anime You Should Watch After breaking the egg in a realm that appears when she is sleeping, Ai is tasked with protecting people from perils. She thinks she’s one step closer to saving her best friend by doing this. Ai enters a situation where she must understand the connection between other people’s demons and her own, holding this risky yet alluring possibility in her hands.

7. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Yukiteru Amano, a lone high school student, learns that his cell phone can foretell the future in the novel Mirai Nikki. Soon after, he meets 11 other people, each of whom is carrying a “Future Diary,” and is forced to play a deadly game of survival. The players compete against one another as the game goes on in an effort to be the last person standing.

It is a psychological thriller anime that features a psychotic yandere stalker girl as well as a death game to become the universe’s supreme king.

8. Angel Beats!

It is intended for those who passed away unexpectedly to reside in this weird dimension, which is shaped like a high school. The students of the school have created the Afterlife Battlefront, a dissident party seeking to confront their god-like student council president, Kanade “Angel” Tachibana, who they believe has betrayed them throughout their earthly lifetimes. The group’s leader, Yuri Nakamura, enlists Otonashi in their conflict with Angel in an effort to regain control of their own life. But Otonashi challenges the propriety of their deeds and enters enemy territory to comprehend the other side of their shared fate.

Best But Terrifying Anime You Should Watch The plot is unpredictably revealed; some episodes educate you on various aspects of the world, while others don’t. Overall, watching it is incredibly fun and the art is lovely.

9. Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero

Yuuna Yuuki lives as a hero every day. She participates in the Hero Club at her middle school and does her best to uplift and cheer everyone up.

However, the ever-ambitious Yuuna is ready to surpass himself as a hero. A weird phone app invites the Hero Club to save the world she loves from mysterious destructive forces known as Vertexes. She must change into a magical girl, together with her best friend Mimori Tougou and the Inubouzaki sisters Fuu and Itsuki, in order to fight the Vertexes.

Best But Terrifying Anime You Should Watch Yuuna and the Hero Club must battle for the existence of their world and face the harsh realities while still studying and performing for children in between these activities.

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