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Note : Never use too many cheats it may be crash your game, before use cheats code first save your game file for as backup use and this cheats beasd on different region so use cheats code which is based on your region.

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Pokemon Silver Cheats Codes List 

Have all Gym Badges

Pokemon silver cheats
Johto Badges

Kanto Badges

Enter the code to gain access to all of the Badges from the respective region. You can only access the Kanto Badges once you finish the first part of the game.

Teleport to different locations
How to use: Enter the code below and change the two XX to the code corresponding to the location that you want to go. Just use Fly and click on any location on the map and you’ll end on the area that you choose. Example: Enter code 0103EDCE to teleport to Viridian city.


00 Your House
01 Viridian City
02 Pallet Town
03 Viridian City
04 Pewter City
05 Cerulean City
06 Near the Power Plant
07 Vermilion City
08 Lavender Town
09 Saffron City
0A Celadon City
0B Fuchsia City
0C Cinnabar Island
0D Indigo Plateau
0E New Bark Town
0F Cherrygrove City
10 Violet City
11 Union Cave
12 Azalea Town
13 Cianwood City
14 Goldenrod City
15 Olivine City
16 Ecruteak City
17 Mahogany Town
18 Lake of Rage
19 Blackthorn City
1A Mt. Silver
1B S.S. Aqua

Walk through walls
Pokemon silver cheats

Using the code allows you to walk through walls, trees, and others. Just be careful because walking through some areas and on water may cause the game to crash. Input all four codes separately.

Using the bike
Pokemon silver cheats
Entering the code allows you to use the bike all the time, even when you haven’t accessed it yet in the story.

One hit kill
Input the code that allows you to defeat enemy Pokemon in one hit.

No random encounters
Entering the code removes all random battles on grasses and encounter areas. However, trainer and gym battles will still happen when you get caught in the line of sight.

Get all three Starting Pokemon
Pokemon silver cheats

As soon as the game begins, enter this code. Before entering Professor Elm’s building, you should activate this code. This is because once Elm’s dialogue is finished, the code can no longer be used. When the code is activated and the dialogue begins, you can select your first Starter.

A new dialogue will appear, after which you can continue playing the game. Proceed to the other Poke Balls that contain the final two Starters. Choosing one will cause Professor Elm to repeat the same conversation.

Get the Final Starter when that dialogue concludes, and Elm will speak for the final time, and you will have all three Starters. When you have all three, turn off the code and even delete it.

Encounter Shiny Pokemon
Pokemon silver cheats

Enter the code to always encounter a Shiny Pokemon.

Hatching Eggs faster
010145DA (First Pokemon)
010175DA (Second Pokemon)
0101A5DA (Third Pokemon)
0101D5DA (Fourth Pokemon)
010105DB (Fifth Pokemon)
010135DB (Sixth Pokemon)

Use the code where the Egg will be placed in your Pokemon roster. If the Egg is placed on slot 3 or third, then use the Third Pokemon code.

Battle Gym Leaders again

Enter the code to battle Gym Leaders again and again.

Wild Pokemon encounter modifier

01 Bulbasaur
02 Ivysaur
03 Venusaur
04 Charmander
05 Charmeleon
06 Charizard
07 Squirtle
08 Wartortle
09 Blastoise
0A Caterpie
0B Metapod
0C Butterfree
0D Weedle
0E Kakuna
0F Beedrill
10 Pidgey
11 Pidgeotto
12 Pidgeot
13 Rattata
14 Raticate
15 Spearow
16 Fearow
17 Ekans
18 Arbok
19 Pikachu
1A Raichu
1B Sandshrew
1C Sandslash
1D Nidoran Female
1E Nidorina
1F Nidoqueen
20 Nidoran Male
21 Nidorino
22 Nidoking
23 Clefairy
24 Clefable
25 Vulpix
26 Ninetails
27 Jigglypuff
28 Wigglytuff
29 Zubat
2A Golbat
2B Oddish
2C Gloom
2D Vileplume
2E Paras
2F Parasect
30 Venonat
31 Venomoth
32 Diglett
33 Dugtrio
34 Meowth
35 Persian
36 Psyduck
37 Golduck
38 Mankey
39 Primeape
3A Growlithe
3B Arcanine
3C Poliwag
3D Poliwhirl
3E Poliwrath
3F Abra
40 Kadabra
41 Alakazam
42 Machop
43 Machoke
44 Machamp
45 Bellsprout
46 Weepinbell
47 Victreebell
48 Tentacool
49 Tentacruel
4A Geodude
4B Graveler
4C Golem
4D Ponyta
4E Rapidash
4F Slowpoke
50 Slowbro
51 Magnemite
52 Magneton
53 Farfetchd
54 Doduo
55 Dodrio
56 Seel
57 Dewgong
58 Grimer
59 Muk
5A Shellder
5B Cloyster
5C Gastly
5D Haunter
5E Gengar
5F Onix
60 Drowzee
61 Hypno
62 Krabby
63 Kingler
64 Voltorb
65 Electrode
66 Exeggcute
67 Exeggutor
68 Cubone
69 Marowak
6A Hitmonlee
6B Hitmonchan
6C Lickitung
6D Koffing
6E Weezing
6F Rhyhorn
70 Rhydon
71 Chansey
72 Tangela
73 Kangaskhan
74 Horsea
75 Seadra
76 Goldeen
77 Seaking
78 Staryu
79 Starmie
7A Mr Mime
7B Scyther
7C Jynx
7D Electabuzz
7E Magmar
7F Pinsir
80 Tauros
81 Magikarp
82 Gyarados
83 Lapras
84 Ditto
85 Eevee
86 Vaporeon
87 Jolteon
88 Flareon
89 Porygon
8A Omanyte
8B Omastar
8C Kabuto
8D Kabutops
8E Aerodactyl
8F Snorlax
90 Articuno
91 Zapdos
92 Moltres
93 Dratini
94 Dragonair
95 Dragonite
96 Mewtwo
97 Mew
98 Chikorita
99 Bayleef
9A Meganium
9B Cyndaquil
9C Quilava
9D Typhlosion
9E Totodile
9F Croconaw
A0 Feraligatr
A1 Sentret
A2 Furret
A3 Hoothoot
A4 Noctowl
A5 Ledyba
A6 Ledian
A7 Spinarak
A8 Ariados
A9 Crobat
AA Chinchou
AB Lanturn
AC Pichu
AD Cleffa
AE Igglybuff
AF Togepi
B0 Togetic
B1 Natu
B2 Xatu
B3 Mareep
B4 Flaafy
B5 Ampharos
B6 Bellossum
B7 Marill
B8 Azumarill
B9 Sudowoodo
BA Politoed
BB Hoppip
BC Skiploom
BD Jumpluff
BE Aipom
BF Sunkern
C0 Sunflora
C1 Yanma
C2 Wooper
C3 Quagsire
C5 Umbreon
C6 Murkrow
C7 Slowking
C8 Misdreavus
C9 Unown
CA Wobbuffet
CB Girafarig
CC Pineco
CD Forretress
CE Dunsparce
CF Gligar
D0 Steelix
D1 Snubbull
D2 Granbull
D3 Qwilfish
D4 Scizor
D5 Shuckle
D6 Heracross
D7 Sneasel
D8 Teddiursa
D9 Ursaring
DA Slugma
DB Magcargo
DC Swinub
DD Piloswine
DE Corsola
DF Remoraid
E0 Octillery
E1 Delibird
E2 Mantine
E3 Skarmory
E4 Houndour
E5 Houndoom
E6 Kingdra
E7 Phanpy
E8 Donphan
E9 Porygon2
EA Stantler
EB Smeargle
EC Tyrogue
ED Hitmontop
EE Smoochum
EF Elekid
F0 Magby
F1 Miltank
F2 Blissey
F3 Raikou
F4 Entei
F5 Suicune
F6 Larvitar
F7 Pupitar
F8 Tyranitar
F9 Lugia
FA Ho-Oh
FB Celebi

Pokemon Gender modifier
Changing to Male

Changing to Female

Using the code changes the first position’s Pokemon to the opposite gender. You have to input the code opposite of your Pokemon’s default gender.

TM and HM modifier

71 TM 01 Dynamic Punch
72 TM 02 Headbutt
73 TM 03 Curse
74 TM 04 Roll Out
75 Tm 05 Roar
76 TM 06 Toxic
77 TM 07 Horn Drill
78 TM 08 Rock Smash
79 TM 09 Psych Up
7A TM 10 Hidden Power
7B TM 11 Sunny Day
7C TM 12 Sweet Scent
7D TM 13 Snore
7E TM 14 Blizzard
7F TM 15 Hyper Beam
80 TM 16 Icy Wind
81 TM 17 Protect
82 TM 18 Rain Dance
83 TM 19 Giga Drain
84 TM 20 Endure
85 TM 21 Frustration
86 TM 22 Solar Beam
87 TM 23 Iron Tail
88 TM 24 Dragon Breath
89 TM 25 Thunder
8A TM 26 Earthquake
8B TM 27 Return
8C TM 28 Dig
8D TM 29 Psychic
8E TM 30 Shadow Ball
8F TM 31 Mud-Slap
90 TM 32 Double Team
91 TM 33 Ice Punch
92 TM 34 Swagger
93 TM 35 Sleeptalk
94 TM 36 Sludge Bomb
95 TM 37 Sandstorm
96 TM 38 Fire Blast
97 TM 39 Swift
98 TM 40 Defense Curl
99 TM 41 Thunderpunch
9A TM 42 Dream Eater
9B TM 43 Detect
9C TM 44 Rest
9D TM 45 Attract
9E TM 46 Thief
9F TM 47 Steel Wing
A0 TM 48 Fire Punch
A1 TM 49 Fury Cutter
A2 TM 50 Nightmare

To receive the TM or HM you want, enter the code. Simply replace the two Xs with the code for the TM or HM you desire. Once the code is activated, simply open your pack and look for the TM or HM, which you can use an endless number of times.

Unlimited Item modifier















Codes arrange from Slot 1 to 15 (Input separately)















03 Bright Powder
07 Bike
08 Moon Stone
09 Antidote
0A Burn Heal
0B Ice Heal
0C Awakening
0D Paralyze Heal
0E Full Restore
0F Max Potion
10 Hyper Potion
11 Super Potion
12 Potion
13 Escape Rope
14 Repel
15 Max Elixer
16 Fire Stone
17 Thunder Stone
18 Water Stone
1A HP Up
1B Protein
1C Iron
1D Carbos
1E Lucky Punch
1F Calcium
20 Rare Candy
21 X Accuracy
22 Leaf Stone
23 Metal Powder
24 Nugget
25 Pokedoll
26 Full Heal
27 Revive
28 Max Revive
29 Guard Spec
2A Super Repel
2B Max Repel
2C Dire Hit
2E Fresh Water
2F Soda Pop
30 Lemonade
31 X Attack
33 X Defend
34 X Speed
35 X Special
36 Coin Case
37 Itemfinder
39 Exp Share
3A Old Rod
3B Good Rod
3C Silver Leaf
3D Super Rod
3E PP Up
3F Ether
40 Max Ether
41 Elixer
42 Red Scale
43 Secret Potion
44 S.S. Ticket
45 Mystery Egg
47 Silver Wing
48 MooMoo Milk
49 Quick Claw
4A PSNcureberry
4B Gold Leaf
4C Soft Sand
4D Sharp Beak
4E PRZcureberry
4F Burnt Berry
50 Ice Berry
51 Poison Barb
52 Kings Rock
53 Bitter Berry
54 Mint Berry
55 Red Apricorn
56 Tiny Mushroom
57 Big Mushroom
58 Silver Powder
59 Blue Apricorn
5B Amulet Coin
5C Yellow Apricorn
5D Green Apricorn
5E Cleanse Tag
5F Mystic Water
60 Twisted Spoon
61 White Apricorn
62 Blackbelt
63 Black Apricorn
65 Pink Apricorn
66 Black Glasses
68 Pink Bow
69 Stick
6A Smoke Ball
6B Nevermelt Ice
6C Magnet
6D Miracle Berry
6E Pearl
6F Big Pearl
70 Everstone
71 Spell Tag
72 Rage Candy Bar
75 Miracle Seed
76 Thick Club
77 Focus Band
79 Energy Powder
7A Energy Root
7B Heal Powder
7C Revival Herb
7D Hardstone
7E Lucky Egg
7F Card Key
80 Machine Part
82 Lost Item
83 Stardust
84 Star Piece
85 Basement Key
86 Pass
8A Charcoal
8B Berry Juice
8C Scope Lens
8F Metal Coat
90 Dragon Fang
92 Left Overs
96 Mystery Berry
97 Dragon Scale
98 Beserk Gene
9C Sacred Ash
9E Flower Mail
A3 Light Ball
A7 Normal Box
A8 Gorgeous Box
A9 Sun Stone
AA Pokadot Bow
AC Upgrade
AD Berry
AE Gold Berry
AF Squirtbottle
B2 Rainbow Wing
B4 Brick Piece
B5 Surf Mail
B6 Little Blue Mail
B7 Portrait Mail
B8 Lovely Mail
B9 Eon Mail
BA Morph Mail
BB Blue Sky Mail
BC Music Mail
BD Mirage Mail
01 Master Ball
02 Ultra Ball
04 Great Ball
05 Poke Ball
9D Heavy Ball
9F Level Ball
A0 Lure Ball
A1 Fast Ball
A4 Friend Ball
A5 Moon Ball
A6 Love Ball
B1 Park Ball

The first set of codes is for use on a single item, while the second set is for use on an unlimited number of items. Change the Xs to the appropriate codes for the item you want. If you count the codes as well, you can determine which slot in your pack they belong to. In short, the first codes can be used to hold the first item slot, and the eighth code can be used to hold the eighth item slot, so keep that in mind. It’s preferable to have unlimited item codes enabled, but you have other options.

Unlimited Master Ball in PC

Enter the code to have an unlimited number of Master Balls. Just check your pack to see if you have them.

Unlimited Money

To get an infinite supply of cash, enter the code. Even though the money has a number, it will not decrease when you purchase items.

Unlimited PP
012814CB (First Move)

012815CB (Second Move)
012816CB (Third Move)
012817CB (Fourth Move)

To get a limitless amount of PP, enter the appropriate code for the move. Even if the Pokemon’s status says 12/35 PP, in battle it will exceed that restriction and you will be able to utilize it continuously.

Unlimited Casino Coins
Enter the code to get unlimited Casino Coins. You do need to access the casino to use them.

Unlimited Rare Candies in PC

Input the code to get an unlimited amount of Rare Candies. Open your pack to access them.

Unlimited HP
Input the code where it allows your Pokemon to exceed its base and full HP.

In case you’re using another system and you can’t input codes, you can use some of these glitches to get some kind of advantage. Just be mindful that doing these glitches may cause the game to crash.

Popular Pokemon Silver Glitches
Item and Pokemon Duplication Glitch
This is a classic glitch that a lot of people use. You can clone your Pokemon as well as an item. The process is the same whether you wish to duplicate a Pokemon or an item.


If you’re going to duplicate stuff, use a low-level Pokemon or one you can afford to give up.
Place an item in the Pokemon if you wish to duplicate it.
Select a BOX on the PC where you want to place a Pokemon.
Suppose you want to use BOX 5 as your main box for the time being.
Deposit the Pokemon you want to copy, or the Pokemon that has the item you want to duplicate, in the appropriate slot.
Change the BOX once more, and the game will prompt you to save.
When it comes to saving, select yes; however, turn off or reset your device before the message “SAVING, DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER” appears.
If you followed the steps successfully, the Pokemon in BOX 5 or wherever you placed them will be duplicated, together with the item they are carrying, the next time you turn on your device.
When you can’t input codes, this duplicate glitch can help you get a lot of Master Balls, Rare Candies, or even Legendary Pokemon.

Get all three starting Pokemon Glitch
We already have a code for this, but you can also use this glitch. Getting all three starters may take longer, but it is also more effective.


When you start a new game, go to Professor Elm’s Lab and save when you get to the point where you choose your starter Pokemon.
Continue through the game’s story until you’ve captured one Pokemon and gained access to the Pokemon Storage Box.
Now that you have access to the boxes, capture whatever Pokemon you choose. It doesn’t have to be a specific Pokemon.
Deposit your starter Pokemon in the box; this is why you must have a Pokemon caught because you must leave one in your team behind.
After you’ve deposited your starter Pokemon, save the game, but turn off or reset your device when the text “SAVING, DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER” appears, just like you did with the Pokemon and item duplication.
When you reload the game, you’ll be back in Professor Elm’s lab, where you must select your starter Pokemon.
Pick a starter Pokemon that you haven’t yet deposited.
Repeat the second procedure until you are able to do the save glitch once more.
Reload the game and select the last starter Pokemon that you didn’t obtain the first time around. When you’ve completed all of the steps correctly, you’ll be able to choose your third starting Pokemon, with the other two starters available in your Pokemon Storage Box.
Getting a Celebi Glitch
The original method to get a Celebi is that there were Nintendo events that gave players a Celebi. Considering that it has been decades since the event ended, the only other way to do it is to use codes or with this glitch that has a very long method.

You first need to have a Quagsire. You can evolve a Wooper to a Quagsire at level 20 or just catch a Quagsire right away because the level is irrelevant.
The Quagsire needs to carry an HP UP as well as teach the Quasire the move Sleep Talk which you can learn from TM 25. Sleep Talk has to be the first one in Quagsire’s list.
The next thing is that you need to have two low level Pokemon but it is irrelevant as to which ones they are but make sure that they are less than level 10.
You also need the Coin Case for this glitch because that alone features a plethora of glitches.
Head to the PC and you need to deposit specific items in the corresponding order with the corresponding amount.
01) Any item = any amount
02) Any item = 38 pieces
03) TM 27 = 2 pieces
04) Fresh Water = 42 pieces
05) Lovely Mail = 1 piece
06) HM 07 = 1 piece
07) Poke Ball = 65 pieces
08) Great Ball = 4 pieces
09) Everstone = 1 piece
10) Super Potion = 2 pieces
11) Surf Mail = 51 pieces
12) Full Heal = 18 pieces
13) Flower Mail = 46 pieces
14) HM 03 = 1 piece
15) X Speed = 1 piece
16) TM 06 = 1 piece
17) Poke Doll = 1 piece
18) TM 41 = 1 piece

Remember those two low level Pokemon that you have? Place them in the first and third slots of your Pokemon Party. The one in the second slot is irrelevant, and the Quagsire with the HP UP and Sleep Talk as its top move should be on the fourth slot.
Go to Professor Elm’s lab and just stand at the entrance.
Save the game, and then you can reset or turn it off and on.
Once you load the game, head out the lab, and go to the first tree on the right of Professor Elm’s lab.
Listen to one of the cries from your Pokedex from any of these Pokemon namely Bellsprout, Omanyte, Machop, or Machoke.
Now open the Coin Case in your inventory and it will show the coins that you have, although how much coins you have is irrelevant.
Head to the Day Care Center and hand the low level Pokemon on your first slot to the old man.
Wait for a couple of seconds and talk to the old man again and he will ask you if you want to take back your Pokemon.
Pay whatever amount he asks for and the Pokemon will come back as Celebi.
One thing to remember is that the Celebi will keep the name of the low-level Pokemon that you utilized. You may easily alter the name of your Celebi with the name changer, and don’t forget to delete the moves using the Move Deleter NPC.

Shared Cheats
Master Ball in first item slot (Shared by: Brandon)
Note: This cheat will replace the first item in your item slot with master ball. Be sure to put only the item in the first slot that you don’t mind losing. After applying the code below, you can pair it with this code 0163B9D5 to get an infinite amount of the item.


For more information, click here.

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