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Pokemon Normal Version Rom : pokemon community has updated new version of Pokemon Normal Version Rom with lots of fun and improvement based on playsers experience. If you are fan of pokemon roms and games like me then you will enjoyed this rom because I do a lot. In Pokemon Normal Version Rom new version developer add some new character with some adventure stories. For more details read out below roms description.

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Roms Information

  • Full Name : Pokemon Normal Version: Elemental Division
  • Version : Build 3.0 RC 2.73
  • File Size : 8.56 MB
  • Console : GBA
  • Genre :  Role-Playing
  • Region : USA
  • Released : July 26 2016
  • Language : English

Roms Description

Pokemon Normal Version will be based on the theory of continental drift which will correlate to the legendary Pokemon Regigigas. The quite a favorite Professor Oak has made a national statement on television saying that he is going to be seeing the Taejo area. Excitement rained upon the native Taejo inhabitants, but none besides Javyer Quau. Professor Oak has said he is going to soon be moving to Brighton Town, a city situated on the western boundary of their Taejo and also a neighbor of this undeveloped Seijo area. Javyer’s son Zaquar Quau who’s 19 at the time is excited to hear this great news. The Quau family waits for Oak’s arrival.

Pokémon Normal Version is going to be dependent on the concept of continental drift that will relate to the legendary Pokémon Regigigas. Thus the title,”Normal edition.” To be able to add a small twist to the shooting of Regigigas, the mythical will be from the very popular fan-made”Sky Forme.” (I will attempt to sprite a skies form Regigigas predicated on some awesome fan-made images I have seen online ). Additionally, the newcomer of this game will probably be Eevee with Professor Oak doing research on what makes Traditional Pokémon so varied. (Meaning they can learn elemental strikes like ice ray, L shaped bolt and flamethrower all in 1 moveset). An Eevee is granted to indulge in his study.

Some Pokemon from each area will be included in the match in a custom created Region Dex, using an”Extended” Dex later on in the narrative. The match will occur in the Taejo and Seijo area (with historical references to a historical area named Uiyto). Additionally, gamers will be able to combat my counterparts”Frozen” (consumer of Steel and Ice ) and”Inferno” (consumer of Fire and Stone ) since they’ll be deeply involved with the narrative. Frozen needs to wipe out all the life forms in the world using the”Ice Age” and Inferno would like to construct a landmass so as to make his”New World.”

Roms Features

– My adjusted “Two Region Level Curve” (Expands lifespan of game/post-game)
– HM 08 Upheaval, a Regigigas exclusive signature move to unlock new areas!
– Expanded Song Table (which means all kinds of new music!)
– Morning/Day/Night music in many places/routes/towns!
– Sky Forme Regigigas (with a new signature Ground Type move, Upheaval)
– Two full regions with plenty of post league activity and side quests! Two Pokémon Leagues!
– Tracks from Super Mario/Sonic/Pokémon Emerald/
And “Reinstrumentalized” midis!
– Periodic Graphical Overhauls Phases I/II/II/IV (Phase II Completed)
– Protagonist Seijo Powerups: Some like Dragon Fist and Ledge Jump!
– Encountering my counterparts: Frozen/Inferno/And ???? (Guess it!)
– Taejo Police Department (TPD) Red Light Safety System! (RLSS)
– Custom made “Regional Dex (247 Pokémon) Seijo Dex (323 Pokémon) Gene Dex (361 Pokémon)!”
* The Gene Dex is apart of the Seijo Dex. A huge study of Seijo is the study of genetics
– New regional custom Pokémon abilities, Pokémon stats, and Pokémon types, etc
– Some Pokémon from each of the six regions!
* And four from the FIZX Generation! Normeon! Curseon! Draceon! Xzeneon! Maybe more!
– Morning/Daytime/Evening/Late-Evening/Nighttime Pokémon Wild Encounters!
– Time of Day Events w/ Weekly Events! (Lola’s Garden!)
– 4th Generation Physical/Special Class Split
– New money currency! Work hard for your money!
– DPPtHGSSBWBW2XY Pokémon Sprites (I’m going to take the best one from each game)
– Class based, regional, and varying trainer music!
– Deletable HMs! And maybe reusable TMs
– Berry and apricorn trees make a return!
– My Interpreted Fairy-Type! 
(Based on the interconnection between the Electric/Bug Typings!)
– Enhanced Type Chart
– Decapitalization on everything!
– Custom TM/SM/HM List (Ex. Multi Beam is SM04) Play the game to find out what SMs are!
– Uncover the aftermath of the Uiyto region!
– Classic GSC Johto Influenced Game Style and Mapping (Since I love the Johto region)
– Youngster Joey’s revenge!
– New Criminal Organization with some added twists: Team Chasm/Criminal Egos/Super Rockets
– Secret Seijo Grottos!
– My instant Hack n’ Play beta testing style
– Download Packs! Unlock new areas!
– Navigator System! It’s a key item that will tell you what to do next!
– Inverse Wild/Trainer Battles!
– A signature move for EVERY Legendary! And some 
– BW2 Repel System!


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Source : PokeCommunity Pokemon Normal Version Rom

Credits : FrozenInfernoZX (rh 845864) Ace_Master_of_Turtles – Taejo Leader Sprites/Protagonist Creator
Ashketchum24 – Trainer Sprites
dreamengine – Basic Sprites/Overworld Sprites
xGal – GSC Music Composer. I would like to give thanks to pokecommunity for this roms and developer who create game to make this suberb ROM.

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