10 Characters from Isekai That Belong in a Rom Com

Arikarikita Arikakiluki, Sunday, April 9, 2023

Characters from Isekai That Belong in a Rom Com In a romantic comedy anime, these isekai characters would be hilarious.
The isekai anime subgenre is infamous for its formulaic, predictable conventions, which include wish-fulfillment harems, token demon kings, self-insert protagonists like Kirito, etc. Even though some anime viewers don’t like isekai, they might appreciate the show’s most endearing characters and wish they were in other shows.

Some isekai anime characters have the traits, abilities, or emotional states necessary to form a great main character or supporting character in a romantic comedy. These isekai characters are more distinguished by their relationships with others and their feelings than by their magical prowess or otherworldliness. If they can be isekai’d into a rom-com title, many of them are willing to fall in love.

10 Characters from Isekai That Belong in a Rom Com

1. Shion from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

In That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Shion is one of Rimuru Tempest’s closest friends, and although she isn’t romantically involved with him, she does seem like a wonderful potential love partner. An additional anime program that might function as a romantic adventure.

Shion has a lot going for her, including her inherent beauty, her positive outlook on life, her friendliness, and her extraordinary bravery and fighting prowess. She would become incredibly reclusive when a potential romantic partner appeared, and Rimuru and Shuna would serve as her matchmakers to facilitate this relationship.

2. Darkness from KonoSuba

Characters from Isekai That Belong in a Rom Com
Characters from Isekai That Belong in a Rom Com

The majority of Konosuba’s key characters are comically dysfunctional, from the unscrupulous Kazuma Sato to the brat goddess Aqua and the heedless Megumin. Then there’s Darkness, a ridiculous hero who likes to fight for justice and get physically assaulted.

Even though Darkness is a lousy combatant, she has a great heart, is truly nice, and holds high standards. Darkness would make a great shojo-style heroine who falls into the arms of the charming prince in a fantasy rom-com anime.

3. Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero

Subaru Natsuki, the underdog isekai protagonist of Re:Zero, used all of his mental resources to reason with everyone and settle every dispute amicably. Subaru has expertise with women and is a superb mediator and diplomat.

Subaru may return to school and experience a different kind of adventure if he was never isekai’d. Subaru could pass for Ram, Rem, and Emilia, his classmates, and he could attempt to reason his way through this funny harem to appease everyone.

4. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki, the co-lead of Sword Art Online, is comparable to Kagome Higurashi. They are both brave, honorable, and independent young women who will willingly protect people they love from formidable antagonists. But these females are more than simply fighters because they value friendship and love.

In a rom-com anime series with cartoonish action sequences that would astound and enchant the male lead, Asuna Yuuki would heroically battle bullies and punks. Although it would be challenging, it would be worthwhile to try to win Asuna over to that boy.

5. Angelica Redgrave from Trapped in a Dating Sim

Because the in-universe game world is an otome game, Trapped in a Dating Sim is another isekai anime with rom-com elements. However, the protagonist, Leon Bartfort, doesn’t have time for love; he needs to fight hard to survive in a world that wants him to fail.

Ideally, the main characters of Dating Sim would be isekai’d to a typical high school rom-com anime where they could be themselves. Angelica Redgrave is an example of a lovable hero who, while pretentious, has a good heart and a strong will that would make her a good fit for a typical rom-com.


6. Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero

In The Rising of the Shield Hero’s original plot, Raphtalia, a cheery tanuki girl, suffered a horrific destiny before joining Naofumi’s group. Raphtalia lost her entire village to raiders and slavers, but in a rom-com adaptation of Shield Hero, her journey might be different.

It would be fun to watch Raphtalia in a fantasy rom-com as the bold, good-hearted, and romantic lead. If Raphtalia didn’t have to worry about war and monsters, she would try something more productive, like opening a shop with her friends or her new lover.

7. Demon Lord Claude from I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming The Final Boss

Another isekai anime with rom-com aspects is I’m the Villainess, although this time the isekai story takes centre stage. This is the tale of Aileen d’Autriche, who, like Katarina Claes, was reincarnated as the antagonist of an otome game and now has to fight to survive. That entails courting Claude, the demon king of Kuudere.

In a perfect fantasy world, everyone would get along better, and Aileen wouldn’t have to be concerned about her future. I’m the Villainess’ Claude might shine as a truly wonderful kuudere lover for Aileen in a pure rom-com adaption, one that viewers could cheer for all the way to the end.

8. Kagome Higurashi from InuYasha

There were various romantic partnerships in the isekai anime InuYasha from the 2000s, most notably Kagome and InuYasha. The InuYasha anime was, all things considered, a lot of things at once, with romance not being the primary subject.

Kagome possesses all the qualities of a fantastic rom-com heroine, including her endearing demeanor, her humorous tsundere antics, and her extraordinary bravery. Whether in a historical or contemporary Japanese context, Kagome is a strong lead character who has a lot of love to share.

9. Alan Stuart from My Next Life As A Villainess

My Next Life as a Villainess is largely a shojo isekai anime series, albeit having some rom-com components. The evil Katarina Claes, who wants to make everyone best friends so that the story of the first game never ends, is the game’s protagonist.

As Katrina had hoped, no one fell in love, but there is potential for figures like the masculine tsundere Alan Stuart. Any smitten heroine who wishes to witness this grumpy, insecure prince’s softer side in a pure rom-com fantasy story should consider Alan as a potential love partner.

10. Taiju Oki from Dr. Stone

A new Stone Age is introduced in the isekai anime educational series Dr. Stone, which is set 3,700 years in the future. While Senku Ishigami’s former classmate Taiju Oki manages the hard labour in Senku’s lab, the bright scientist Senku Ishigami seeks to revive humanity via the force of science.

Taiju is madly in love with the stunning Yuzuriha and would sacrifice anything for her. If he hadn’t grown afraid, Taiju could have played the lead in an anime romantic comedy series where he’ll willingly carry any weight or perform any task to impress Yuzuriha.

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That concludes the list; in the comments section below, let us know which Isekai character you think would work well in a romantic comedy.

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