10 Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man You Need to Read

Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man You Need to Read : Here are 10 Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man you can read before the anime’s release. All of the manga in this list are worth reading and are rated highly on myanimelist, so you should definitely check them out. Chainsaw is undoubtedly one of the most popular manga right now, and as its highly anticipated anime adaptation is just around the corner, here are 10 Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man you can read until the anime’s release.

Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man  The yakuza force Denji to kill devils in order to pay off his crushing debts, which is far from his basic desire of living a happy and peaceful life while spending time with a girl he likes.

10 Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man You Need to Read

1. Jujutsu Kaisen

Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man
Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man

In the open, an old dispute continues. Supernatural creatures known as “Curse” terrorize humanity from the shadows, and strong people known as “Jujutsu” sorcerers use mystical skills to eradicate them. High school student Yuuji Itadori gets sucked into this horrific war when he finds a dried-up finger of the fabled Curse Sukuna Ryoumen.

Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man  As a result of his hasty action to defend himself from a Curse drawn to the finger’s strength, Yuuji gains the ability to fight Curses but unintentionally reintroduces the evil Sukuna to the world. The Jujutsu world views Yuuji as a dangerous, high-level Curse that needs to be destroyed, despite the fact that he can control and enclose Sukuna within his own body.

2. Hell’s Paradise

Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man
Best Manga Like Chainsaw Man

Iwagakure Village’s cold and emotionless ninja, Gabimaru the Hollow, who is currently being executed, was set up by other ninja. He wants to pass away because he is fed up with murder and betrayal. Gabimaru has a motive to live, despite his appearance of disinterest, hence no means of execution can kill him. He wants to go back to his wife, who is to blame for his softening and loss of his assassination skills. He consequently rejects demise.

This is noticed by renowned executioner Asaemon the Decapitator, who has an idea for the ninja. She wants Gabimaru to accompany an expedition to an island south of Japan in quest of a legendary creature in return for a full pardon from the Shogunate.

3. Dandadan

After being rudely rejected, Momo Ayase is pouting as she sees a boy being bullied. The occult-obsessed teenager tries to talk to her about his supernatural hobbies after being saved by her hasty kindness. Ayase refuted his assertions and asserted that she believes in ghosts, which sparked a discussion between the two concerning which is true.

The two resolve to visit places connected to the occult and the supernatural separately—Ayase visiting the former and the child visiting the latter—in a wager to discover who is right. The two learn that none of them was mistaken and that the occult and ghosts truly exist when they reach their destinations.


The boy, whose name is Ken, Ayase’s idol, starts their trip at this point.

4. Fire Punch

Thanks to the enigmatic Ice Witch, civilization in a world covered in ice and snow is on the point of collapsing. Fighting the cold has brought out the worst in individuals, leading to cults, bloodshed, and the persecution of the “Blessed”—those born with magical skills.

Agni and Luna, two orphans gifted with regenerative powers, are coping as best they can in a small community of elders; their love for one another serves as a diversion from the hostile environment. However, what little tranquilly they do have is destroyed when army leader Doma goes by and burns the village where they are finding safety, killing Agni’s beloved sister in the process. Doma’s flames do not go out until their target is reduced to ash, but Agni survives because to his amazing regeneration.

5. Dorohedoro

The term “hole” is appropriate since it describes a gloomy, deteriorating, and disordered neighbourhood where the powerful prey on the weak and death is frequent. It is a domain apart from law and morality, and the magical users who rule it utilize it as a trial ground. The magic users saw the people of Hole as nothing more than insects, a race at the top of their society. Daily murders, mutilations, and experiments on the helpless Hole residents take place in the hospital’s hallways.

Most people, with the exception of a few, believe the magic users to be indestructible because they have free access to and from the swamp and face little opposition to their power. One such creature is the caiman, which resembles a snake. Armed solely with a reliable pair of bayonets and his resistance to magic, he pursues them assiduously. Magic users are his only chance of returning to normality because he is cursed by his appearance and afflicted by nightmares. His female partner Nikaidou, the proprietor of the eatery Hungry Bug, is his best ally because his stomach is his biggest challenge.

Dorohedoro, which is set in a grim, awfully designed universe, strikes a good mix between humour and lightheartedness and bloodshed. It spends a lot of time creating a distinct planet with an uncanny origin and gloomy aspect.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo’s shadows are home to terrifying creatures known as “ghouls,” who sate their hunger by preying on people at night. The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) was established as a means of eradicating these animals and in reaction to the ongoing assaults on civilians. Ghouls live among humans and disguise themselves as them in order to make hunting prey simpler, making it difficult to recognize them. Unaware university freshman Ken Kaneki finds himself in a world where humans and ghouls coexist when his date turns out to be a ghoul craving his flesh.

He is transported to a hospital after narrowly escaping this confrontation, where he learns that the procedure he underwent left him half-ghoul. Kaneki, unable to sate his insatiable hunger for human meat through conventional means, is taken in by kind ghouls who own a coffee shop to assist him with his change. Unaware that he is soon to become involved in a conflict between his new allies and the CCG’s forces and that his new existence has aroused the curiosity of ghouls around Tokyo, he starts what he thinks would be a tranquil new life.

7. Attack on Titan

Horrifying human-looking animals first appeared hundreds of years ago. They were called as “Titans,” and they were mindless, towering monsters that posed an existential threat by preying on any human beings they could find. They were forced to barricade themselves inside huge walls around what might have been humanity’s last safe sanctuary on the earth because they were unable to defeat the Titans.

Living within the walls has finally brought calm to the locals, who have not had to deal with Titans in many years. Three young children, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Yeager, have grown up hearing tales of the wonders outside the walls and are anxious to explore everything the world has to offer. But when a giant 60-meter Titan attacks and disturbs their tranquility, they swiftly come to grips with how brutal the world can be. Eren vows to himself that he would do everything it takes to eradicate every Titan from the planet that day in the hopes that one day humans will be able to live outside once more.

8. Jagaaaaaan

Regular neighbourhood policeman Shintarou Jagasaki despises both his job and daily life. The town’s eggplant mascot, Shintarou’s hero, is someone who secretly fantasizes about using a gun to shoot those who irritate him. Shintarou is a foolish person among other people and soon plans to wed his sweetheart.

When Shintarou witnesses a horrific murder carried out by a man with a monster-like visage, his routine is disturbed. When the creature kills his partner, Shintarou is thinking about all the wasted opportunities he has had throughout his life. But as he accepts his fate, he unwittingly launches a deadly projectile at the assailant from the tips of his fingers.

A watching owl informs Shintarou that the now-dead monster was once a person, and Shintarou’s arm is now permanently covered in a mystery substance. He was affected by a “Mad Xenopus,” a frog-like monster that seizes control of its host and alters its physical form. Shintarou initially denies the aliens’ existence. He resolves to fight and wipe all the previous humans in order to survive, though, after one of them seizes control of his future bride.

9. Devilman

Akira Fudou has always been a bit of a pushover while having a kind heart. In a fateful reunion, his childhood buddy Ryou Asuka tells him the horrifying truth of his father’s research: demons exist and intend to retake the earth.

Akira consents to attend Black Sabbath, a celebration filled with depravity and corruption, in order to merge with a demon, in order to help his friend save humanity. Following a near-death experience, he teams up with Amon, a demon who even his own kind fears. Amon’s power and Akira’s good nature combined to create Devilman.

10. Akame ga Kill

The cruel Minister Honest runs the nation from behind the scenes with perverted morals and no concern for human life, taking advantage of the new Emperor’s naivety. As a result, crime and corruption have become rampant in the nation’s capital city, creating a society in which the wealthy completely rule the less fortunate.

However, a group called Night Raid, a covert arm of the oppositional Revolutionary Army, exists to fight this widespread abuse of power. It consists of a small band of vicious killers that kill anyone who aids or abets the horrible crimes committed by the Empire.

Tatsumi is a novice swordsman on a mission to save his struggling town. Shortly later, he observes

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